About The Plant

Full-stack E Commerce, content management, and digital innovation agency.

Founded in 2005 in Tokyo the Plant is a development company with a focus on creating smart, efficient web applications that are both easy to use and easy to manage – software that works for you.

A winning team

Our people are our most valuable asset, because great people make great things happen – and we have some of the best people in the business working for us to make your project a success.

One of the advantages of working with The Plant is that you will be working directly with our skilled engineers and planners on your project.

Beyond the specs

We’ve found that great products and services don’t come from a cookie-cutter approach or a passive following of a specification.

We bring our experience and ideas to your project and measure success not by the completion of a spec, but by the achievement of your business goals.

On time, on budget

This should be a given, but for some reason in the IT industry we have found this seemingly obvious requirement to be a rarity. Often IT companies start projects on relatively modest budgets, but the total bill ends up being several times the original quotation and several months late.

We finish our custom development projects on time and on budget. Our team has a track record of successful projects and happy clients. We will be happy to provide you with references of our former and current clients and we encourage you to talk to some of them and see for yourself.

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