Detailed write-ups about our projects

Want to learn more about some of the work that goes into our projects here at The Plant? We publish our articles on medium, find links to them below.

Creating Balanced Typographic Design in Bilingual Websites (Part 1)

When it comes to supporting multiple languages in online service, balance in typography really matters.

How global brands are adopting Atomic Design and how we designed a CMS system for a modern site.

A common challenge for big business is producing large volumes of content for product releases, campaigns, events, promotions and easily manage and publish this content in a consistent and timely manner to global markets with support for multiple languages.

Company Culture Matters: Written from a Perspective of a Cross-cultural Kid Working in Japan.

Recently, I’ve gotten the opportunity to begin a new career with a software company in Tokyo called The Plant. Though my time here has been short, these past three months has made me think more than ever about work culture, and specifically about Japanese work culture.