Ecommerce Experiences with QOR Commerce

QOR Commerce

QOR Commerce is a collection of EC services that:

  1. Encapsulate common business requirements, so that you do not pay to reinvent the wheel.
  2. Are extensible to solve unique business challenges and take advantage of unique opportunities in the Asia Pacific Ecosystem and your brand’s unique product offer and customer base.

How is QOR different?

Our Best Match

  1. Enterprises and medium-sized businesses that are launching a new online business in Asia Pacific and have unique requirements, business processes, or opportunities to leverage  that are not well served by a SAAS, OTB (out of the box), or the company’s global solution.
  2. Enterprises and medium-sized businesses targeting Asia Pacific with an existing site but have either outgrown turn-key solutions for ecommerce, or are unsatisfied with high cost of ownership, lack of flexibility and slow development speed.

Unique Value

Custom Fit to Your Business and Your Customers

  1. Go beyond the limitations of SAAS products to offer your customers unique experiences
  2. Seamlessly integrate with internal/external systems
  3. Tailor to your business processes for more efficient operations

Full Service

You will work with a “full stack” team including:

  1. Ecommerce consultants: to make sure we are building the best product for your customers.
  2. UX/UI specialists: to remain true to your brand while maximizing usability and conversion. We also commonly work with internal or external design agencies of our clients’ choosing.
  3. Front-end engineers
  4. QOR Commerce team: to extend or build any additional functionality to accommodate your needs

Our Advantage: Most vendors will typically be integrating on another company's platform which invariably has limitations on both their knowledge of the platform's functionality and their ability to add features that do not already exist in the platform. QOR Commerce is developed at The Plant and combines the power of QOR, the most popular Golang-based open source toolkit, with a collection of extensible EC services to give you the flexibility to make your online business an industry leader.

Faster Development

The Plant develops ecommerce sites for medium to large companies quicker, generally 2 to 3 times faster when compared to competing offers from other platforms*. Contributing factors include:

  1. QOR Commerce’s service-based architecture allows you to include just the features you need to keep your application lightweight, fast, and elegant. Include just the modules and services you need.
  2. The breadth of our ecommerce and related technology offering means few external dependencies and integrations, often a major time suck for projects.  
  3. Control and understanding of every layer of the system we offer.


Every administration interface is tailor-fit to your particular needs so that you see only the things you need, nothing you don’t. This results in clean, simple interfaces that are easy to use resulting in only minimal training.


Improved top line from engaging ecommerce experiences, shorter development time frames and lower training cost resulting in lower capital expenses equate to a higher bottom line.

Asia Pacific-specific integrations

Experience with integrations with local services including:

  • Logistics Companies
  • Eretailers
  • Payment Gateways
  • Social Platforms

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