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We create lasting relationships, which is why for over 10 years companies like ASICS, Danone, Lacoste, and MTV have worked with us so successfully that they trust us with mission critical business systems.

E-Commerce & More

We specialize in customized multilingual, high-performance E-commerce and transactional business applications for global deployment. Based in Asia-Pacific with offices in Japan, China, and Australia, we focus on businesses that are based or have significant business in the region. See QOR Enterprise to learn more about the technology and services we have developed to serve our clients.

Technology & Open Source

QOR is our magic sauce to rapidly develop custom business applications. QOR has been made publicly available as open source under an MIT license in 2015, and completely rewritten in Go. We are also developing other open source projects at The Plant.

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Web technology is the face of our brands to consumers, and needs to conform to high standards: the people at The Plant understand this, and I really enjoy working with them.

Global Digital Marketing Manager, ASICS

Internal communication has become much better, since The Plant’s intranet solution allows us to have all employees participate.

Corporate Communication Manager, Danone Japan