Our new code manufactory

As you will have noticed by now, we have a completely new website. Just in time for this we have also moved our office in China to – what else – a plant. The new office in Hangzhou is now in a historic building, an old silk weaving mill and factory, surrounded by smaller buildings all with sawtooth roofs. We couldn’t ask for better branding.

Since this is a historic building, the interior looked quite unpretentious (to say the least) when we first visited the locality:

Not exactly broom-clean (this might depend on your broom, though), but we saw the potential of the place, renovated the hell out of it and now our China office is one of the best looking Plant locations on the globe. Here are some snapshots, before and after renovation of the office:

Same part of the above office shot after renovation ↓

We now have two meeting rooms, one already has a sofa:

↓ And if you prefer not to work in a large room, there are several smaller, hacker’s refuge rooms.

To save the backs of our employees we also provide for some desks where you can work standing:

Here’s a smaller room with standing desk, tucked away in the back corners of the office for maximum quietude.

If we could only afford such a spacious office in Tokyo…