Inside EC

The Plant regularly holds knowledge sharing events with talks and guest speakers to discuss the latest and greatest in ecommerce.

These events are invite-only and will be comprised of lightning talks, food and drink, and networking.

Our talk topics approach EC from an experience-driven perspective and will include speakers from Digital Marketing, Retail (Online to Offline), CRM, Loyalty, 3rd Party Retailing and other fields as they relate to EC in local markets. Our guest list mostly comprises of management level individuals in the EC industry and ecosystem.

Past Inside EC Events

A sample of special events The Plant has held at our event space in Nishi-azabu

Anatole giving a presentation

Summer Night Party

We hosted Summer Night Party! We shared the latest news about us, and spent a great evening networking with a good company, and of course, pizza and homemade Sangria!


Product Tank x The Plant - Celebrating World Product Day

We hosted an event with Product Tank to celebrate the World Product Day. Masha Ostroumova, Program Manager from Indeed Japan, presented a talk on "Measuring maturity and health of your product development team".

Jose giving a speech

Leveraging Data to Increase Marketing & e-Commerce Effectiveness

We had Jose Uzcategui, a Senior Data Solutions Consultant at Ayudante give a special talk covering the role of data (BigQuery and Google Analytics) and its best used cases for enterprise e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. Jose is an expert in web analytics and performance optimization with experiences in both in agency and client roles most recently ASICS and Amazon.

Topics Discussed:

  • What’s the role of BigQuery in enterprise e-commerce and digital marketing?
  • Understanding BigQuery and Google Analytics, and some use cases.
  • Why will tools like BigQuery (or third party tools that leverage it) be a necessity for marketers?

Marketing Maturity - Increasing Marketing Efficiency and Growing EC Revenue

Marketing Maturity - Increasing Marketing Efficiency and Growing EC Revenue

We were pleased to have Rune Sølvsteen - Senior Partner Commerce of The Ogilvy Group, Asia, as a guest speaker to talk about effective marketing strategies.

Topics Discussed:

  • The five stages of Marketing Maturity
  • Revenue growth associated with Marketing Maturity
  • The six disciplines to master to bring your company's Marketing Maturity to the next level
How to Secure Your E-commerce Website Like a Boss

How to Secure Your E-commerce Website Like a Boss

We hosted Yannarak Wannasai - Security Manager from Mercari, as a guest speaker to talk about security issues to consider for your e-commerce site. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Best practices to secure your e-commerce sites
  • The three principles to maintain business continuity and keep customers happy
  • Common types of cyber attacks and their impacts on your online business
  • Why hackers want to hack your website
Inspirations and Lessons to Learn From Your 2018 E-Commerce Project

Inspirations and Lessons to Learn From Your 2018 E-Commerce Project

Our talk topic will cover interesting e-commerce projects we've done, featuring lessons we learned from them, tools and tips to make your project successful that can inspire your 2018 EC project.

Topics Discussed:

  • Checkout Optimization Checklist: What to consider on your checkout page?
  • Hierarchy on your Product Display Page: How to make sure your product pages 
  • Mobile First Especially in Japan: What does it mean, and why is it important in the Japanese market?
  • Omnichannel Business Rules Primer: Interesting lessons about setting up Omnichannel Stock Systems
  • Merchandising with Machine Learning: How to cross/upsell on your product display pages (PDP) for product order?
The after party

Bonenkai and Kickoff Party

A celebration of 12 years at The Plant and an introduction to our event space!

Topics Discussed:

  • Our 12th anniversary - Thanks to all who helped us get here!
  • Kicking off the “Inside EC” event series
  • New office tour and office-warming
  • Opening the Bonenkai season

Interested in joining or talking at an event?

Reach out to us by contacting our event organiser for details on how to get access to or present at our next event!