Merchandising is the selection, placement and presentation of products that stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase.

QOR Commerce offers several tools and integrations to allow Merchandisers to effectively display products and services to their customers to optimize customer satisfaction and promote revenue growth. 

The tools are comprised of:

  1. Automated tools to improve efficiency and results where manual manipulation is onerous and/or impractical, freeing Merchandisers to focus on high-level strategies
  2. Manual tools to easily create and display contents at the appropriate place in the user journey

Automated Merchandising

One of the most important pages in an ecommerce site is the category or product list page (PLP). Here customers see a selection of products in an order generated by the system. It can be considered a brand’s recommendation to the customer of which products are best suited to them or which ones the brand wishes to promote. Managing such lists manually is onerous and not practical as the list order should take into account factors including:

  • The user that is looking at the site and his or her preferences and purchasing habits
  • Current season and season of the products
  • Product discounts/sales and whether such products should be emphasized or de-emphasised
  • Price range
  • Product recency (date product was added to the catalog)
  • Special products that the brand wishes to promote

QOR Commerce provides an administrative interface, tailored to each brand, that allows brands to adjust boost and bury rules (rules to promote or demote appearance of a product in an ordered list) and other attributes to allow the ecommerce merchandiser to intelligently automate the ordering of category pages.

Recommended Products

On a product description page (PDP) and, occasionally, at other points in the user journey, recommended products can serve as both an important service to the customer by helping them to find the right products for them as well as a navigational aid to allow them to easily browse through the product catalog.

QOR Commerce provides a customizable machine-learning-powered recommendation engine that is continual learning from your users behavior to improve product recommendations to customers.

Personalization & Behavioral Psychology

Experiences rooted in behavioral psychology strategies have a proven positive impact on increasing revenue in ecommerce sites.

Experiences that perform best in terms of average uplift are1:

  1. Scarcity (stock pointers) +2.9% uplift
  2. Urgency (countdown timers) +2.3% uplift
  3. Social proof (informing users of others’ behaviour) +1.5% uplift
  4. Abandonment recovery (messaging to keep users on-site) +1.1% uplift
  5. Product recommendations (suggesting other products to purchase) +0.4% uplift

QOR Commerce provides deep integrations with market leaders in personalization to bring advanced personalization, social proof, and other features that to delight customers and increase brands’ top line.

Content Management

An important part of merchandising is simply displaying contents, be it a campaign, a detailed product page, or other piece of content to communicate with customers.

QOR Commerce provides a number of rich features to enable brands to easily:

  1. Build new pages in minutes with styles adhering to branding guidelines
  2. Deploy completely customized designs delivered by an internal or external agency
  3. Time release of new pages or blocks of contents
  4. Versioning to build, test, and then deploy various stages of a campaign on a timed schedule
  5. Reorder content blocks to emphasize/de-emphasize contents.

… and much more. See Content Management for more information.

1 Will Browne, Mike Swarbrick Jones. "What works in e-commerce - a meta-analysis of 6700 online experiments,", last modified on June 22, 2017.

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