Omnichannel Solutions

Create elegant, cross-channel commerce experiences

Provide a seamless, consistent service to your customers across every touchpoint of your brand - retail stores, marketplaces, web, mobile, their inbox and social.

In-Store Retail App

Bridge the gap between features available in your digital space and services available in retail stores to:

  • Create customer accounts in store that can be used online.
  • Place orders on behalf of your customer.
  • Support click & collect orders to let customers buy on EC and complete the order process in your retail store.
  • Integrate with your omnichannel Loyalty program so customers can retain and redeem loyalty rewards in store or online.
  • Order online and return in-store. Give customers the peace of mind that if something goes wrong online it can be dealt with in person while giving your store staff an opportunity to retain the potentially lost sale.
  • Check and track stock.

Omnichannel Stock Solutions

Product stock can be found in many different channels - multiple ecommerce warehouses, retail stores, department stores, third party warehouses and more.

With omnichannel stock management, stock is made available to any customer who desires it, no matter their selected channel.

Omnichannel stock requires a global view of stock, created from integrations between multiple streams of product and stock sources. Stock is managed according to business rules, logic to automate stock availability between channels, and alerts to notify stakeholders of availability outside of desired thresholds.

Multiple Stream Integrations

Omnichannel stock creates a single source of truth for cross channel stock levels with tools to:

  • Connect to internal and external data sources via API or batch processes.
  • Manage, report and adjust stock.
  • Log and raise alerts to troubleshoot integration issues.

Business Logic and Rulesets

Stock needs to move between channels seamlessly in a way that makes the most sense for each business. QOR Commerce provides tools to customize rules and logic to fit specific business needs.


Being able to act on stock issues before they become a problem helps ensure products are always available at the right place and time.

QOR Commerce provides tools to detect potential issues before they happen and reach out to staff with alerts to preemptively take action.

Consolidated Analytics and Reporting

Customer behaviour and attributes can vary between your channels, but together they tell the full story about what your customers want and how they feel about your brand.

Collect and consolidate the data from all your channels to generate reports to gain insight into your customers' behavior. Then improve your systems and processes to reflect what your customers really want.

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