Product Information Management


Information kept by a business can be scattered throughout an organization and held by various employees or systems, instead of being available centrally. This can lead to:

  • High cost from providing redundant tools.
  • Time and money lost in the training and support of the multiple tools with inconsistent user experiences.
  • Delays in bringing products to market across all channels and regions in which brands operate.
  • Product inconsistencies and incomplete data being presented to customers.

QOR PIM provides features to enable centralized data collection, management, data refinement, and output. By consolidating data management and automating many aspects of product data management, QOR PIM:

  • Gets products to market quicker
  • Creates better brand experiences with more complete and consistent data
  • Improves conversion rates and sales
  • Reduces operational costs

Product Data Collection

QOR PIM supports the ingestion of multiple data streams from internal or external trusted systems via API or batch processing. Common use cases include importing images or product data from an ERP system.

Product Data Management

QOR PIM provides several tools to refine product data.


Attribute definition is customized for each brand with consideration to the channels, departments, and regions that the brand needs to support.

Image Processing

QOR PIM provides tools to process images according to brand-defined specifications. Images can be processed in bulk, or on an adhoc basis via the admin. QOR PIM can also integrate with an existing image processing system.


User roles and attribute configurations can be customized to a brand’s needs to allow or prevent editing depending on the attribute and user permissions.

Multi, multi, multi

Multi-language, multi-region, multi-brand. QOR PIM can be configured to support global brands managing data across geographic and linguistic borders.

Data Management via Web Interface, Import/Export, or Google Sheets

The PIM interface on the QOR Admin for Web

Web: Elegant QOR interface to easily browse and edit product data via a web browser.

Bulk Import / Export: Support for Excel, CSV, XML, JSON and other formats to import or export data in bulk

Google Sheets: Use QOR Google Sheets Plugin to:

  • Collaborate on a single shared document
  • Validate product data before publishing with two levels of validations: Google Sheets native validations for simple checks and QOR PIM server validations for more complex ones.
  • Push changes data directly to QOR PIM

Product Data Distribution

To be of use, product data needs to be distributed to the various channels that the organizations wishes to support. Common product product distribution channels include:

Websites: APIs are provided to directly serve product data pages (PDPs), product list pages (PLPs), search, and as inputs to product recommendation engines. PLP and search is backed by an elastic search engine and provides an administrative interface for boost and bury rules for smart ordering. See more.

Ecommerce marketplaces: Directly connect to 3rd party marketplaces to distribute product data across all channels such as Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping and others.

Internal departments: Create customized data views and exports for Merchandising, Retailing, or other departments that require access to product data.

Other: QOR APIs and batch processes can be easily extended and customized to provide data in whatever format required to serve internal and external needs. 

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