Omnichannel Capabilities, Local Expertise

Create an omnichannel ecommerce experience for that
supports local needs and expectations.

Omnichannel Capabilities, Local Expertise
Extensible Webstore

Extensible Webstore: Launch Quickly, Extend Fully

Use our library of templates to create a webstore that generates traffic volume and achieves high conversion rates. Extend your store with a responsive, React-powered front-end, coupled with a scalable service-based architecture that is continuously upgraded to take advantage of emerging technologies and opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization: Accelerate Marketing from the Start

Best practice SEO gleaned from over a decade of experience developing world-class Ecommerce and Content Management Systems is baked into QOR+ Commerce. Adjust QOR+ Commerce to your brand's unique needs and requirements (e.g. url paths, content structure, analytics configurations).

Local Service Integrations

Local Service Integrations: Seamlessly Use Native Services

Increase customer satisfaction with checkouts that understand local addresses, connect to local delivery companies and seamlessly integrate to the services customers expect. In Japan, these include: Sagawa, LINE Chat, convenience store pickup, and more.

Reporting Eng

Reporting: Intelligence On Demand

QOR+ Commerce comes with powerful reporting tools that let you pull critical data straight from the source to generate reports about your omnichannel ecommerce performance.

Order Management

Order Management: Track and Synchronize Your Flows

Manage and maintain the flow of orders, process RMA's, synchronize data to your logistics partners and more.


Integration: Connect to Anything

Integrate with any necessary piece of your internal systems: from authentication systems, to CRMs, to PIMs, to WMSs, QOR+ Commerce is flexible and friendly enough to play nicely with them all.

Other features of QOR+ Commerce include...

Webstore Features
L10n translation management
Detail SEO / Open Graph tools
Store finder
Elastic on-site search engine
Reward point redemption
Admin Tools
Scheduling & events
Promotion and coupon support
Delivery hub
Merchandising rules
Data export tool
Mailchimp Integration
Stripe Payments integration
Paygent Integration
Google tag manager integration
Trinet Logistics Integration

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, we build QOR+ Commerce from the ground up.

We wrote every bit of code and we can modify or extend any part of the system specific to your needs.

Working directly the people who code and integrate your platform translates into massively increased flexibility and speed.

QOR+ Commerce - built by The Plant

Additional Services Available

Additional Services Available

The Plant can provide additional services to help you develop and manage your web store.

  • Product Data management
  • Newsletter Creation and distribution
  • Inventory Management
  • Ongoing design & Implementation
  • Content planning & Implementation
  • In-person training
  • Promotion Campaign configuration
  • Site Management