Global Delivery, Olympic Performance

Use our enterprise CMS to efficiently manage your content at scale.

  • Faster than lightning performance at a global scale.
  • Quickly build and deploy high-quality campaign content at a lower cost.
  • High standards for security, accessibility and user experience.

    Global Delivery, Olympic Performance
    Modular Containers

    Modular Containers: Consistent style, custom experience

    Create custom containers to support a unique user experience consistent with your brand. Give your marketing team, brand managers, and regions the ability to mix and match these containers to powerfully communicate your identity and message. Need an update? Our atomic design ensures updates can be easily deployed and maintained.

    Workflow and Scheduling

    Workflow and Scheduling: Create, Schedule and Track

    Create content in advance, tie it an event and place that event on a schedule to have your content automatically publish and go live, then track the evolution of a page with versioning support.

    Responsive, High Fidelity Editors

    Responsive, High Fidelity Editors: Mobile First without Guessing

    Engage your customers wherever they are. Preview your content in mobile, tablet or desktop devices in real time. See true-to-life examples of your content as you add it so you can publish with confidence.

    Code Level Control

    Code Level Control: Bespoke Solutions, Platform Speeds

    Unlike other CMS tools, we wrote the code from the ground up and have an extensive library of solutions. When it comes to your unique business needs we can make the right customization without any limits.

    Role-Based Security

    Role-Based Security: Enable Staff, Control Quality

    Whether you are putting together some fine print for a privacy policy or publishing a global campaign to hundreds of countries and languages, our system provides a way to track, manage and support content changes. Set up groups of users, like copy-writers or designers, then selectively choose which parts of the CMS they have access to.

    Other features of QOR+ Content include...

    Page Builder
    Frontend Edit
    One System, Unlimited Sites
    Page of a series
    Publishing & Versions
    Internationalization & Localization
    Media Library
    Image Cropping & Resizing
    Metadata Management
    Video Embedding

    Build beautiful content efficiently.

    Without compromises.

    Containers - A concept that's good, cheap & quick.

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