Custom Work
QOR+Custom Work

Your Strategy, Our Technology

Build your product using our platform, team, and experience to accelerate your development and digital transformation.

  • Focus on your business objectives, leave the software to us
  • Kick-start your project by using our platform and components to accelerate development
  • Work with experts in security, user experience, code & ecommerce
Your Strategy, Our Technology
Innovation Platform

A Platform for Innovation: Focus on Results, Not Infrastructure

We will develop, run, and manage your application saving you the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an application internally.


End-to-End Capabilities: Expertise and Extensive Libraries

Work with experts in Japanese ecommerce, UX/UI, digital marketing, and full-stack engineers using and extensive library of focused capabilities to make your development fast and cost effective.


Agile Development: Working Prototypes, User Engagement

Through iterative development with working prototypes, regular user testing, and analysis of results we deliver maximum business value. Our clients generally see working prototypes of features within one month of starting a project so stakeholders can “own” the product through feedback and other contributions over the course of development.


Flexible Operations and Ownership: From SLAs to BTOs

We provide a range of options for operations, maintenance and ownership. From infrastructure Service Level Agreements (SLA) to Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO), we work with your technical team to ensure operations are targeted and sustainable.


Custom projects scale depending on your needs. Contact us for a quote.

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Build Cost
Dedicated team, pricing depends on team makeup.
Run Cost
Custom fit to client’s service level objectives.