Technical Partnership

The Plant has been building and supporting ecommerce systems for over a decade.

Application Development

Following on from our consulting services, we can implement a technical system that meets your requirements.

  • Web-based ecommerce systems
  • Consumer-facing mobile applications
  • Line-of-business enterprise applications such as apps for use in-store by retail staff.
  • APIs for use by mobile apps and other
  • Business administration systems

We provide technical development, interface design, project management and product management as needed to ensure that your system provides maximum value for minimum cost.

We don’t just focus on your requirements, we also consider these as critical features for any application we develop:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Maintainability
  • Robustness

Application Support

We can provide ongoing support for your application. Adding new features, keeping up to date with platform changes (eg browser or mobile OS updates), security updates, and increased usage.

Our customers are fiercely loyal, we have been supporting many of our client applications for over 12 years.

Infrastructure support

We can maintain the infrastructure for your application:

  • Cloud provider account administration
  • Technical system administration
  • Incident support by our on-call team

We offer different tiers of support to match your needs/requirements.


Tring to build a technical team and launching your product at the same time? We can help you by doing initial application development, training and supporting your team to take responsibility for further development/application support, and handing over application/infrastructure support when your team is ready to take over.

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