Get the Performance, Capability and Scale of an enterprise system with the Agility, Cost and Speed of a startup.

Agile: Reduce time to market and time to ROI with cutting-edge technologies, platform capabilities, iterative methodologies and flexible integrations.

Aligned: Enhance outcomes through alignment of global brand experiences to local services and personal preferences.

Intelligent: Expand capabilities with advanced tools and a team of full-stack engineers with over 14 years of experience building mission-critical systems for global brands.

Reliable: Improve performance, up-time and security with progressive systems on a scalable service-based architecture guaranteed by Service Level Agreements.

Hello Sunday Morning

Omnichannel Ecommerce for Japan

    • Global e-commerce capabilities, support for local Japanese market ecosystem (payment, logistics, etc).
    • Elegant omnichannel system with companion retail app supports omnichannel sales and loyalty programs.
    • High traffic flash sales supported via a modern frontend, service-based architecture, and scalable infrastructure.
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Global Content Management

    • Dozens of countries and languages, one system.
    • Global, timed rollout of high-impact campaigns with low design and technology cost.
    • Interactive customer experiences, such as Frontrunner, ASICS Running Ambassador's program.
    • Integration with global e-commerce, CRM, and many other external systems.
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The Plant is well-organized, highly productive, understanding and very proactive.
Anna  Bloggs

Anna Bloggs, Digital MarketingASICS Russia

ASICS Russia



"The Plant developed and created a map section with all stores for Russia, which became useful in terms of user experience, stores search and product categories. We are really very happy with this new visualization. The Plant team is really great, highly professional and consumer oriented team. They always quickly answer to any issues and stays in contact during the whole process of the problem solving and always answers in details even if the topic is very complicated, trying to find a better solution for necessary results. Overall The Plant is well-organized, highly proactive, understanding and very proactive."

Our success is thanks to The Plant team's dedication and support throughout the years
Manami Toma

Manami Toma, E-Commerce SpecialistLacoste Japan

Lacoste Japan



"With The Plant’s CMS platform, creating landing pages and updating content on the website has become effortless. Once all the basic building blocks are created, it’s up to us to mix and match different components. Even without any engineering experience, it’s only matter of minutes to make an entirely unique page. The Plant’s team members are friendly and open-minded and a pleasure working with them. They view our problems as their own and help us come up with solutions to increase our business opportunities. Our success is thanks to The Plant team’s dedication and support throughout the years. The Plant is passionate about technology and have creative ideas and solutions. They are constantly looking for ways to improve and coming up with how we can provide the best digital experience to our customers."

How we are different

Fourteen years ago, we began building products for global companies facing common challenges with unique needs. 

They wanted enterprise-capable systems without the constraints of SaaS or OOTB (out of the box) solutions to be leaders, not followers in their industries.

We created QOR+ products using a modular, service-based architecture that encapsulates the business logic and needs for Content Management, Commerce, and Personalization systems. 

These are designed at a lower level than typical SaaS or OOTB solutions to provide solid building blocks which can be quickly extended and combined to create innovative solutions for unique needs. 

We believe our architecture, our control of the entire technology stack, and our team of technology and digital experts has enabled us to deliver on the promise of Enterprise Systems, Startup Speed.

The Plant Life

How can we help you?

Feel free to send us an email at hello@theplant.jp or use the form below to get in touch with us for a consultation to how we can solve your problem.

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